Jaguar TCS Racing's new Jaguar I-TYPE 6 finished the official pre-season testing for the 2023 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Mitch Evans and Sam Bird tested the new Gen3 racing car for five days at Spain's Circuit Ricardo Tormo race track.

Less than a month before the season started in Mexico City, the Jaguar I-TYPE 6 made its first appearance on the racetrack, and the drivers showed off the new designs in their own cars.

During the eight rounds of testing, the new race car taught the Jaguar TCS Racing team a lot about how to make it lighter, faster, and more efficient. With a front drive train, new tires, and more regenerative braking power than ever, the tests gave the team a great chance to learn more about the race car and figure out how to set it up best.

Since the same two drivers were on the Jaguar TCS Racing team as last year, the experienced pair could focus on getting used to the new car. During the five days of testing, the drivers went more than 1,500 kilometers. This is the same distance from Gaydon, UK, where Jaguar TCS Racing is based, to Monaco.

Mitch Evans, a driver from New Zealand, came in third in the third free practice session and qualifying. Mitch and Sam had the fastest overall lap times with the new maximum power of 300 kW in the fifth test round.

James Barclay, Leader of the Jaguar TCS Racing Team: "All of the teams in the 2023 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship will start their season with this week of testing. It was great to go back to Valencia and test drive our Jaguar I-TYPE 6 electric race cars for the first time, along with all the other teams' cars, to see how they compare in terms of speed. The Gen3 car is a huge step forward in terms of technology and electric power. Testing is always a good idea; this week has taught us a lot. Understanding the brand-new Gen3 electric race car and fixing problems has been more important than ever. Importantly, though, we have seen good performance and efficiency, and we will keep working on getting ready for the first race, which will be in Mexico City in January."

Mitch Evans, the number 9 driver for Jaguar TCS Racing: "During the test rounds and the qualifying simulation, we have been competitive, which is a good thing. In Formula E, qualifying is critical, so being at the front of the pack makes me feel good. The Gen3 race car looks more complicated from a technical standpoint, but as a team, we've learned a lot this week and hope to do well in Mexico in a month."

Sam Bird, the #10 Jaguar TCS Racing team driver: "This week on the track, I've liked learning about all the new things about our Jaguar I-TYPE 6. Everything, from the new systems and controls to the Hankook tires, has been challenging for me. I can't wait to return to Mexico City in January and use what I've learned there in my first race of the season."

On January 14, 2023, Jaguar TCS Racing will participate in the first 16 races in the 2023 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. This race will take place in Mexico City. @via Jaguar TCS Racing.

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