Silence, a well-known urban mobility company, recognized for producing some of the most popular electric motorcycles, has chosen to venture into the realm of four wheels with an intriguing initial proposition. As a result, the new Silence S04 has been released into the public eye, a unique and eye-catching electric microcar designed to deal with large cities.

The new S04 electric car embodies Silence's perspective on urban mobility. In this example, we're looking at a small city car that emits no emissions and has all the essential technologies to go through the day. What's more, it will be available in two variants, one for licensed drivers and the other for non-licensed young individuals as young as 15 years old. So let's take a closer look.

The new Silence S04 electric car is only 233 centimeters long and 156 centimeters wide. A manageable size that will make the difficult chore of parking easier. Furthermore, parking maneuvers will be considerably easier to execute because it fits in both a motorbike and a vehicle parking spot, taking up less than half the area. The S04 has ample room for two adult travelers, as predicted based on its dimensions. The available space has been optimized to include a trunk accommodating baggage, shopping bags, and even light sporting equipment.

& Power: 14 kW (19 hp)

& Speed: 90 km/h

& Autonomy: 149 km

14 kW (19 hp) electric engine is used to power the new S04 electric car, which is supplied by an 11.2 kWh battery. The electric city car can achieve a top speed of 90 km/h, and it has a range of 149 kilometers.

Because it can be easily removed and transferred, the battery may be recharged at home or at work using a standard socket. This feature eliminates the requirement for having a charging station nearby. In addition, the Silence S04 electric car can be recharged with a Schuck-type connector. The process of recharging takes around 6 hours to finish.

The license-free version of the new Silence S04 has a 6 kW (8 HP) electric motor and can reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h. A 5.6 kWh battery powers the electric motor. It's a reasonable alternative to the Citroen AMI and XEV Yoyo.

On the other hand, and in parallel with the launch of the new S04 electric car, Silence has unveiled its first battery exchange system. A brand new infrastructure in its design and development will allow users to exchange an empty battery for another already charged in just a few minutes. This battery exchange service will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Silence will launch a pilot test immediately in Spain.

The service will be available to new Silence customers who purchase an electric vehicle without a battery and subscribe to the monthly service to use the battery. The monthly fee will be around 20 euros. @via Silence.

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