Orbic 5G eBike is not your ordinary electric bicycle. It’s a revolutionary device that combines 5G connectivity, AI safety features, and eco-friendly design to create a seamless and immersive riding experience. Whether you’re cruising on the city streets, exploring the mountain trails, or just having fun with your friends, the Orbic 5G eBike will keep you connected, informed, and protected at all times.

How 5G Connectivity Enhances the Orbic 5G eBike

The Orbic 5G eBike is the world’s first e-bike to support high-speed 5G mobile data, which enables it to connect seamlessly to other Orbic e-bikes, smartphones, and devices. With 5G connectivity, you can:

  • Livestream your rides and share them with your social media followers or fellow riders
  • Video chat with other Orbic e-bike users and enjoy a face-to-face conversation on the go
  • Access real-time maps, speed tracking, battery status, and other functionalities on the 7-inch touchscreen display mounted on the handlebar
  • Act as a mobile hotspot and extend connectivity to other devices, whether on the go or at a rest stop

The Orbic 5G eBike also runs on Android OS, which means you can download apps, play games, watch videos, and listen to music on your e-bike. You can also customize your e-bike’s settings, preferences, and appearance to suit your style and needs.

How AI Safety Features Protect the Orbic 5G eBike

The Orbic 5G eBike is not only smart, but also safe. It’s equipped with cutting-edge AI technology that monitors the rear surroundings and alerts you to potential hazards, such as oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, or obstacles. The e-bike has:

  • A rear-facing 2MP camera that captures the traffic behind you and sends real-time alerts to the touchscreen display
  • An AI object avoidance system that analyzes the camera feed and detects any threats to your safety
  • A collision detection technology that automatically applies brakes or steers away from danger to prevent accidents

The Orbic 5G eBike also has a front-facing 64MP camera that records your rides in high resolution and allows you to capture and share your adventures with others. You can also use the camera to scan QR codes, recognize faces, and interact with other Orbic e-bikes.

How Eco-Friendly Design Benefits the Orbic 5G eBike

The Orbic 5G eBike is not only smart and safe, but also sustainable. It’s designed to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient, which means you can enjoy guilt-free transportation while reducing your carbon footprint. The e-bike has:

  • A zero-emission electric motor that runs on a long-lasting battery that can last up to 100 miles on a single charge
  • A regenerative braking system that recovers energy from braking and converts it into electricity to extend the battery life
  • A fat-tire design that adapts to different terrains and conditions, such as snow, sand, mud, and gravel, and provides a smooth and comfortable ride

The Orbic 5G eBike also has a lightweight and durable frame that can withstand wear and tear and support up to 300 pounds of weight. The e-bike is also easy to maintain and affordable to own, with a starting price of $1,999.

Why You Should Get the Orbic 5G eBike

The Orbic 5G eBike is more than just a bike. It’s a smartphone on wheels that offers a unique and exciting way to travel, explore, and have fun. With the Orbic 5G eBike, you can:

  • Stay connected to the world and your friends with 5G connectivity and video chat
  • Stay informed of your surroundings and your e-bike’s status with real-time alerts and touchscreen display
  • Stay protected from accidents and hazards with AI safety features and collision detection technology
  • Stay eco-friendly and energy-efficient with a zero-emission electric motor and regenerative braking system
  • Stay adventurous and versatile with fat-tire design and front-facing camera

The Orbic 5G eBike is the ultimate e-bike for the modern and conscious rider. It’s the future of smart transportation, and it’s available now. @via Yanko Design and Orbic.

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