The Spanish electric scooter manufacturer Silence is launching the new S02 LS on the European market. This electric scooter is specially designed for urban use - for private individuals and commercial users. The electric moped built in Barcelona is said to be the best choice for sustainable and safe transportation in the city.

The Silence S02 LS will be available this summer at a price of 3,200 euros, and can now be booked on its website with very attractive conditions, such as financing with 0% interest for the private buyer.

This electric moped will have a top speed limited to 45 km / h - in fact, the acronym LS means Low Speed ​​- and two driving modes (apart from a reverse gear) and very low power consumption, about 60 euro cents per 100 kilometres, which is the estimated range of this moped in urban use. The Silence S02 LS's battery and 1.5 kW electric motor sit under the seat.

The highlight of the Silence scooter is the design of the battery. This can be removed and then transported like a trolley case. This makes handling significantly easier if it has to be carried from the parking lot to the socket for charging.

The Silence S02 LS electric scooter will have technological and comfort elements such as LED lights, disc brakes with regenerative mode, removable battery, and more.

The Spanish electric scooter manufacturer Silence mainly wants to approach commercial customers. Companies that were forced to reinvent themselves due to health restrictions could use the S02 to transport fast and cheap their products to customers' homes.

Technical specifications:

Class    L3e

Passengers    2

Acceleration 0 - 50 Km / h    3,9seconds

Limited speed    L3e: 90 km / h

S02 weight without batteries    105 kg

Battery weight    40 kg

Wheels (front and rear)    120 / 70r13 - 120 / 70r14

Brakes (front and rear)    Disc ø220mm / ø240mm

Max. authorised weight    330 kg

Motor    7.000 W (9kW Peak Power)

Charger    600W On-board / Off-board (SCHUKO connection)

Connectivity    SIM-APP

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