Shortly before the end of last year, it became known that Tesla would have to recall electric cars on a large scale. The Tesla Model S large sedan and the Tesla Model 3 medium-sized sedan are affected. So far, the recalls have been limited to the USA and China, but many European vehicles are also likely to be affected. 

Initially, it was revealed that there are approximately 119,000 Tesla Model S and 356,000 Tesla Model 3 in need of inspection in the United States. Later came the message that almost 200,000 Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model S were being recalled in China. The reason for this is always the same: the affected electric cars have a malfunction of the rear camera and inadvertent opening of the hood that increases the risk of collision.

On the US market, according to the US security agency NHTSA, Tesla Model 3 was manufactured between 2017 and 2020. In electric vehicles built during this period, a cable that transmits signals from the rear-view camera can be damaged by repeatedly opening and closing the trunk to take. This could lead to the image failing and representing a security risk. Tesla will now review 356,309 Model 3, but only 1 percent of them are expected to need correction.

According to the NHTSA, the new recall applies to the Model S for those born between 2014 and 2021. This means that some of the Tesla Model S, which was refreshed in 2021, should also be included. In total, there are 119,009 electric vehicles in question where the second bracket for the hood of the front trunk may not be correctly positioned. If you unlock the first bracket, the hood can open while driving, which blocks the view to the front. According to Tesla, there have been multiple warranty repairs and reports of the problem, but no known accidents so far. However, the Tesla Model S brackets should now be inspected and modified if necessary. Action is expected for 14 percent of the recalled electric vehicles.

In China, Tesla has to organize recalls of around 180,000 Model 3 and almost 20,000 Model S due to the same two problems. Also, and especially Tesla Model 3 from local production are affected: According to reports, they make up the clear majority with 144,208 pieces.

A total of around 675,000 Teslas have to go to the workshop on an unscheduled basis. Because European Tesla Model 3 customers have received Teslas from the USA and, since last fall, from China, the same recalls are likely to follow here. The Tesla Model S is being imported to Europe from the USA, so a recall should be made here.

Tesla solved another problem in the USA with one of its regular "over the air" software updates and thus without visiting a workshop. The NHTSA had initiated investigations because games and the Internet browser can be used on the central screen while driving. This is supposed to pass the time for the passengers, but it could distract the drivers. In response to a preliminary review by the NHTSA, Tesla reports that the "Passenger Play" function will be deactivated with a recall via a software update.

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