The new Dacia Spring, the first electric model of the manufacturer from Romania, has over 15,000 orders in Europe. The first Dacia Spring electric cars already reached some of the customers in Europe.

The Dacia brand launched the Spring electric car at the end of last year. The new Dacia Spring is declared the most affordable zero-emission car in Europe; the Romanian manufacturer's model stirred great interest among European customers.

The new Dacia Spring electric car starts at 17,000 euros (price without any government incentives). The list of standard features includes: 14-inch diameter wheels, synthetic leather upholstery, LED daytime running lights, manual air conditioning, navigation, a multimedia system with a 7-inch touch screen and an automatic emergency braking system.

According to the Renault Group, the new Dacia Spring has registered over 15,000 orders in Europe. But, unfortunately, the electric car is made in China, so it took a while to reach Europe. In the meantime, however, those who got the Dacia Spring published some reviews.

The Dacia Spring measures just 3.73 meters, and it is predestined for the city. The tiny turning circle is immediately noticeable, and the small car rolls smoothly.

Generally, one can describe the driving behaviour as light-footed; one always has the feeling of having a light vehicle under the very best. If you take your foot off the accelerator pedal, the electric car always recuperates with the same amount of deceleration. It is particularly advantageous when switching from a combustion engine because you get used to it quickly. 

The chassis is well-tuned and neither exceptionally comfortable nor sporty and tight. A good balance, one would think. The steering remains a bit numb throughout but is very smooth and certainly sufficient for the intended profession. All in all, one can speak of a solid, rustic electric car that offers Dacia's typical, unbeatable price-performance ratio.

The Dacia Spring is a cheap electric car, which can handle the majority of urban hurdles solidly. The price is very good, and its range (230 kilometres) can be considered proper for everyday use in an urban environment.

Most of the deliveries to clients are programmed to begin this fall.

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