The new Volkswagen ID Buzz and ID Buzz Cargo electric vans are innovative and adaptable: electric mobility, intelligent interaction between driver assistance and information systems, over-the-air software upgrades, and compatibility with brand new mobility ideas. All of these elements are framed visually by a distinctive external design. "A truly unique design feature by ID Buzz is the spectacular attractiveness it restores to the roadways," Albert Kirzinger, head designer at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said of the design idea. And it is precisely the dimensions that distinguish ID Buzz. Again, the designer established a clear connection to the original classic: "In the T1, you sit nearly on top of the front axle - there is no front overhang." Now, ID Buzz has this minimal overhang in front, and despite that, we have integrated everything necessary today regarding security and technology. Volkswagen ID Buzz has a very long wheelbase of 2,988 mm yet is compact on the exterior, measuring just 4,712 mm in length.

 The new Volkswagen ID Buzz was created as a 100 % electric vehicle from the ground up. For example, the car's small front and rear overhangs are achievable solely because the electric driveline is incorporated in a very space-efficient manner. The relatively long 2,988 mm wheelbase is similar to the modern Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter, but ID The Buzz is 19 cm shorter in length than a T6.1 with the same wheelbase, at 4,712 mm. On the other hand, the new electric rye bread is 5 cm lower and up to 81 mm wider than a T6.1 Transporter, yet it has an exceptionally tiny turning diameter for a car in its class of only 11.1 m, the same as a Volkswagen Golf.

The incredibly adaptable Volkswagen ID Buzz is suitable for both pleasure and business. ID Buzz originally came equipped with five regular seats (2/3 split rear seat). As standard, the driver and front passenger sit in separate seats with adjustable armrests on the interior. At the rear, there is a three-seater rear seat with a fold-down backrest or a 40:60 split, and the back seat may be slid forward or backward by up to 15 cm. In addition, the electric minivan comes standard with two huge sliding doors on the sides, which may be operated electrically as an option. When the tailgate is opened, you gain access to a massive 1,121-liter luggage compartment; when loaded to the upper edge of the rear seat backrest, the luggage compartment capacity increases to 2,205-liters; and when the backrest is folded down, the luggage compartment capacity increases to 2,205-liters.

The new Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo introduces an ultra-modern electric minivan van equipped with three-row seats in the interior as standard: a driver's seat and two double passenger seats. In addition, Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo offers a separate seat for the front passenger as an option. Furthermore, a permanent barrier divides the cab from the cargo space behind the seats. This cargo compartment partitioning will provide a window and/or an opening for various things as an option. The cargo area is 3.9 m3 in size and contains enough for two euro pallets. The new ID Buzz Cargo has a maximum payload of 650 kg, and a maximum permitted overall weight of 3,000 kg. Secure the weight using attaching eyes to the floor and rails in the side walls. The Buzz Cargo comes standard with a high-opening tailgate and a sliding door on the passenger side but may be specified with an extra sliding door and double doors in place of the tailgate.

Buzz is a one-of-a-kind visual design statement, as is the new Multivan. Buzz comes complete with front and rear LED lighting. The advanced IQ is an option. Light LED matrix headlights are available. The back compartmentalizes the ID Buzz distinguishes itself from the T6.1 with horizontally mounted LED taillights rather than vertically mounted ones. This feature demonstrates an apparent affinity with the new Multivan. For the first time on a Volkswagen Commercial Cars model, the LED taillights integrated into the ID Buzz are connected to the rest of the world by a continuous light stripe.

Volkswagen will offer ID Buzz and ID Buzz Cargo in regular colors and a variety of two-tone body finishes. If you purchase a zero-emission minivan in one of the two available varnish colors, the upper portion of the loaf, including the roof and V-shaped bonnet, will always be Candy White. In addition, the region around the automobile beneath the character line is accessible in one of four metallic paint colors: Lime Yellow, Starlight Blue, Energetic Orange, or Bay Leaf Green. If you select one of the Style interior packages (optional), certain features in the cabin will match the vehicle's exterior color in an organized manner.

As with the other ID models, the Volkswagen ID Buzz has a Digital Cockpit with a 5.3-inch display positioned on the steering column and an infotainment system with a 10-inch screen mounted prominently in the instrument panel. In addition, the Discover Pro navigation system with a 12-inch display is available as an option. A line of light running across the windscreen, right above the instrument panel, in the driver's field of view.

Both automobile variants include a storage box with a lid and two cup holders beneath the infotainment system. As with the Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter and the large Volkswagen Crafter, the ID Buzz Cargo features two additional cup holders in front of the A-pillars.

Volkswagen ID Buzz electric minivan variant has comfy, separate seats for the driver and front passenger. As soon as you get into the car, you will see the chairs have a higher sitting posture, similar to a T6.1 Transporter. Not only do the front seats add to the comfort, but they also add to the safety since a back airbag is incorporated into the backrests of both front seats, adapting automatically to the seat position in question. Additionally, there is a center airbag in the driver's seat, which prevents the driver and front passenger from colliding in the case of a crash. Top-of-the-line chairs will be entirely electrically adjustable and have memory and massaging functions.

The second row of seats is a nice three-seater row with a divide of 1/3 to 2/3. It may be shifted longitudinally by a total of 150 mm. Another helpful feature is that the rear seat's two backrests may be adjusted independently or folded forward. This produces a flawlessly flat loading surface up to two meters in length thanks to the height-adjustable boot bottom (optional).

And now that we have reached a point of practicality, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has designed the BuzzBox. The upper section of the BuzzBox doubles as a vast storage space and incorporates an ice scraper and bottle opener, which are always within reach. At the front, there is a compartment with a lash cover that holds 1.4 liters (for example, a water bottle), and at the back, there is a drawer that holds 5 liters of various items to bring on the trip. The new Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo is a version of BuzzBox optimized for business use. The topmost section of the BuzzBox features a huge storage space suitable for a laptop or a clipboard, as well as another cup holder. Additionally, it features a front compartment with a lash cover that can accommodate 1.4 liters. The box is fitted between the driver's seat and the front passenger seat in the two-seat Cargo and five-seat MPV.

On a technological level, the new model line is based on the modular electric vehicle architecture developed by the Volkswagen Group (MEB). Both ID Buzz models are initially equipped with a 77 kWh (gross 82 kWh) high-voltage lithium-ion battery that powers a 150 kW (204 horsepower) electric motor. The 310 Nm of torque is immediately accessible and gives ID Buzz smooth and strong acceleration, while the top speed is limited to 145 km / h.

The MEB platform's architecture results in a low center of gravity and even weight distribution and, combined with the superior engine power, creates the graceful Volkswagen ID Buzz.

Both variants of ID Buzz can charge using a DC fast charger with a maximum output of 170 kW, which implies that the battery can be recharged from 5% to 80% in about 30 minutes under ideal conditions. In addition, ID Buzz is equipped with the newest ID Software 3.1, which will have a "Plug & Charge" option at some time. When using a compatible (DC) rapid charger with Plug & Charge, the charger will identify your ID through the charging socket. Buzz and all relevant information are transferred in this manner - a far more convenient approach.

ID Buzz's range of assistant systems includes innovatively connected technologies such as the memory function for automated parking on a previously saved route, Car2X (warnings and hazard alarms in the car's immediate vicinity), and the latest version of Travel Assist, which utilizes crowd-sourced data. Within the system's constraints, Travel Aid with crowd-sourced data can be responsible for the car's length and transverse guiding in a largely automatic manner across the speed range and, for the first time, assist with lane changes on highways (at speeds of 90 km / h and above). In addition, when crowd-sourced data is available, the Travel Assist with crowd-sourced data feature requires only a single lane marker to maintain the car in its lane - for example, on country roads with no middle lane markings. Buzz was available with over 30 different helper systems on board at the top equipment level. In the future, ID will support up to 35 distinct controllers. Using over-the-air updates, keep ID Buzz updated with the current software version.

The new Volkswagen ID Buzz is manufactured in Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' facility in Hanover, Germany, and will arrive in October. With ID Buzz and ID Buzz Cargo, we have a distinctive MPV and van that is unmatched in charm and driving enjoyment in this sector. It combines everyday utility with the ability to embark on adventures.

In 2023, a variant with a larger wheelbase and more seats will be introduced; the Volkswagen Caddy California camping minibus based on ID Buzz will also be presented.


The new Volkswagen ID Buzz is for pleasure.

The new Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo is for business.

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